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Originally Posted by tenchimyo View Post
how'd she sound? any info on the openers?
I was at this show, I just forgot to review it.

I got in around 7:00 and landed a place right at the front of the stage, where I refused to move until Otep's last note. Since I had wasted my shirt money on a CD (stupidly), I just asked the merch guy if I could buy a setlist, and he sold it to me for $10 (Otep setlists had eluded me the past three times I had seen them, so I basically did whatever I could to get one). Stupid, I know, but hey. Setlist.

The openers were local "modern metal" acts. Nothing you'd feel bad for missing. During Picture Me Broken's set, some 12 year old girl got in between me and a couple of guys I met at the show and kinda creeped us all out with the fangirling.

One-Eyed Doll were amazing as they always are. Kimberly was eccentric and full of energy at a hometown show, and she cracked a few jokes to the crowd. The vast majority of the set (45 minutes) was either audience participation, as their fans are known to interact with Kimberly during the set (calling out the lyrics, helping Kimberly crowdsurf while playing the guitar, etc) or extending the songs slightly. Towards the end of the set, she beckoned a few fans towards the merch booth to meet her and Junior during the setup period for Otep.

One-Eyed Doll

Plumes of Death
Nudie Bar
Be My Friend
Fight (with "Monster" snippet)

Otep, as they always manage to do, take forever setting up. They get the job done in ten minutes, and dick around for another twenty, so what should be cutting into the set somehow manages to be extended past the time that the people can go home. Otep finally came onstage with the mandatory PA intro around...11:30 or so, greeting the city with middle fingers, and opening the set on a strong note. For once, she sounded fucking great! Not fucked up like the last few times I've seen her, but not "2001 Otep sound" either.

From then on, the fans rioted in something that can only be described as "controlled chaos" throughout the set. Otep occasionally spoke to the fans, explaining things about her songs (like how Warhead was back in the set since she wrote it right when Bush invaded Iraq or something) or just going on with a bit of poetry before a song. A good example came right before My Confession, where two girls were yelling (praise, but still yelling) at her during her poetic introduction, and Otep hushed them. Verbatim:

"Pretend you're at a play...or in church...unless you masturbate in church, then don't do that."

The rest of the set went extremely well, and during Breed, I snagged the setlist (I wanted to get a second one for a friend that couldn't make it), only to have Otep herself jump down from her platform and slap it out of my hands...and then she gave it back to me, patted me on the head, and continued with the set. After Rise, Rebel, Resist, she finished the show and went to the merch table to go shake hands and take pictures - a process that was complicated because their tour manager forced us to move to the back of the line and giving priority to the people that were going to give them money first.

After a twenty minute mishap because of that, I managed to say hi to her and asked her if this was her last tour, or if she was "gonna do the DRI thing and not release albums but still tour". She said she didn't know yet what was happening, and that this could very well not be the last album and that it definitely wasn't the last tour, adding "all the breakup and final tour stuff was just an internet rumor that got out of hand". I got a picture with her, expressed my desire to see the band again, and then I left.

Great show, great crowd. Probably the best time I've actually seen Otep, to be honest!
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