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94. Ted Nugent - Love Grenade

1. Love Grenade
2. Still Raisin' Hell
3. Funk U
4. Girl Scout Cookies
5. Journey To The Center Of The Mind (Amboy Dukes cover)
6. Geronimo & Me
7. Eagle Brother
8. Spirit Of The Buffalo
9. Aborigine
10. Stand
11. Broadside
12. Bridge Over Troubled Daughters
13. Lay With Me

The first of 3 albums from Uncle Ted invades my list. Before I go any further, shut the fuck up about any political crap. K? Good. This was Ted's last studio album, being released in 2007. This is one of my staples for what I think a raw rock and roll album should sound like. A guitar straight into an amp with next to no effects added. There's a bit of chorus at the beginning of Broadside and a little bit of wah on a couple tracks, but other than that, just a glorious Gibson Byrdland through a cranked Peavey 6505+.

Favorite track: Still Raisin' Hell
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