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Originally Posted by PVH5150 View Post
96. Motley Crue - Motley Crue

1. Power To The Music
2. Uncle Jack
3. Hooligan's Holiday
4. Misunderstood
5. Loveshine
6. Poison Apples
7. Hammered
8. Til Death Do Us Part
9. Welcome To The Numb
10. Smoke The Sky
11. Droppin' Like Flies
12. Driftaway

The lone Crue album with someone that can actually sing, Mr. John Corabi. This was another one of my used CD store discoveries. I think I paid 2 bucks for this gem. From the second I popped it in the car CD player and the opening riff of Power To The Music hit, I knew it was gonna be a good one. Mick sounds ridiculous on this album. With many of the songs tuned to drop C on this album, his guitar gained a new growl. As much as I like the catchiness and riffs of previous Crue albums, this is the only Crue appearance on my list. Something about the songs as a whole really hit me when listening to this and it's definitely a great, hard rock/bluesy album. A must listen for anyone.

Favorite track: Power To The Music
Well, you really disappointed me with this album.Everything the have made is at least 5x better than this, including New Tattoo.Sure, John Corabi is a good vocalist, and Mick Mars lowers his guitar tuning (like he hasn't done it before), but this just to grungy (I HATE grunge more than anything in the world, the only thing close to it I like is Switchfoot).Bottom line, this really isn't Motley Crue.Shout At The Devil is Motley Crue, Dr. Feelgood is Motley Crue, but this self-titled is NOT Motley Crue, it's Motley Crue posing as Alice In Chains.

Well that's my rant for the day, just my opinion, nothing meant to attack you or anything.I look forward to further inclusions!
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