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95. Motorhead - Inferno

1. Terminal Show (Ft. Steve Vai)
2. Killers
3. In The Name Of Tragedy
4. Suicide
5. Life's A Bitch
6. Down On Me (Ft. Steve Vai)
7. In The Black
8. Fight
9. In The Year Of The Wolf
10. Keys To The Kingdom
11. Smiling Like A Killer
12. Whorehouse Blues

The first of 2 Motorhead appearances on my list. This still hold up, IMO, as the best Motorhead album of the last 20 years. There's something for everyone on this album. Traditional Motorhead style songs combined with borderline speed metal and a lovely acoustic number to close out the album. This was the first Motorhead album I listened to all the way through, so it holds a special place for me.

Favorite track: In The Name Of Tragedy
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