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Originally Posted by PVH5150 View Post
98. Dokken - Back For The Attack

1. Kiss Of Death
2. Prisoner
3. Night By Night
4. Standing In The Shadows
5. Heaven Sent
6. Mr. Scary
7. So Many Tears
8. Burning Like A Flame
9. Lost Behind The Wall
10. Stop Fighting Love
11. Cry Of The Gypsy
12. Sleepless Night
13. Dream Warriors

Dokken remains one of my favorite bands that hit the big time in the 80s. This was their last album before the initial break up after the 1988 Monsters of Rock Tour. As I started getting into playing guitar and experimenting with different tones/sounds, this was one of the albums I found myself coming back to. There's a certain crunch from Lynch that's found only on this album. I had the good fortune of meeting him last year at Matt's Music in Weymouth, MA when he was doing a clinic. There were maybe only 20 or 25 people there so everybody was able to talk to him for a few minutes. I asked him how he got the "Kiss of Death" tone. He recalled going to extreme measures to get certain sounds back in the day. Something along the lines of "stick the cab in this room and angle the mic at the wall so the sound hits it just right". 25 years later and he's doing a clinic in support of his Randall Lynchbox, which sounds like absolute dogshit compared to his Plexi. Oh how the times & hearing change. Either way, definitely an album I listen to at least a few times a year and one of my standards for great electric guitar tone.

Favorite track: Kiss Of Death
just received this album in the mail a few days ago.I agree killer tone on this one.Tooth And Nail is Dokken's best IMO though.Dream Police and Psycho Circus are great additions as well.
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