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100. Godsmack - Faceless

1. Straight Out Of Line
2. Faceless
3. Changes
4. Make Me Believe
5. I Stand Alone
6. Re-Align
7. I Fucking Hate You
8. Releasing The Demons
9. Dead And Broken
10. I Am
11. The Awakening
12. Serenity

The first of a few childhood favorites starts off the list. I remember this being one of the first brand new CDs I ever bought and the never ending argument with my mother over the Parental Advisory sticker. Those were fun days. This is still my favorite Godsmack album. I feel that Tony Rombola is a highly underrated guitarist. One of the few modern mainstream hard rock guitarists that has an instantly recognizable tone/signature. I've seen them live twice and both times were excellent.

Favorite track: Re-Align
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