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Blut Aus Nord – MoRT (2006)

In my top twenty I described Blut Aus Nord’s ‘the Work Which Transforms God’ as “listening to what it was to record absolute terror. I can’t picture anything when I listen to this album other than BDSM, dark rooms, torture, agony, pain and disease.” Their follow-up MoRT stripped The Work Which Transforms God of anything that could be considered music and took it to another level. I can’t even say that this is what hell would sound like. This is what would be playing if you were stuck in that place between life and death, between heaven and hell, between reality and your imagination. A place where nothing has always existed and always will. This is a different kind of evil from typical black metal. It’s just twisted, demented, sickening filth. After listening to this you’re a different person.
Favorite Song: Chapter V (though you really have to just listen to the entire album start to finish to get the full effect)
10/24 - Pallbearer
11/01 - Suffocation
11/30 - Devin Townsend
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03/07 - Video Games Live
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