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Circa Survive -- Ybor City, FL -- March 27th, 2013

Venue - Ritz Ybor

As we arrived to Ybor City I realized we still had 45 minutes to kill so we went to the McDonalds for some deliciousness right near the venue and once we finished we headed to the Ritz Ybor. Once we got there we headed around back to meet up with Colin from Circa Survive for an interview, which we ended up having to do twice because my camera man i guess forgot to press record the first time Lol, but Colin was a very cool guy, and he was nice enough to redo to the interview for us, and after taking a couple pictures with us we got our tickets and headed inside for the sold out show.

If you'd like to see the interview I did with Colin --

Now, Now - Pretty much no one in the entire crowd knew who they were, they reminded me of Tegan & Sara but with a similar Circa Survive sound to it, the crowd seemed to really enjoyed them and so did I for the most part, an overall good opener to the tour. - 7/10

Minus The Bear - My favorite band of the night, these guys are good ol' bluesy rock n' roll, which is far from what they sound like on record. The singer looked like Zach Galifianakis' skinner younger brother, which was slightly amusing to the crowd, it was also a little funny when the guitarist did an Irish Jig a couple times when there were no guitar parts. I'm probably the only person in the crowd who enjoyed them more than CS, but I'm very big into blues rock. Anyways, a great performance from a great band, go check them out if you haven't already. - 9/10

Circa Survive - I've never been a massive fan but I do enjoy a lot of their music, Anthony Green is such an incredible vocalist, and even more so live, his vocals are so incredibly haunting and melodic, I honestly can't think of anyone who sounds exactly like he does. The surprising part was there was a huge pit for 80% of their set, also Spencer Chamberlain from Underoath was in the crowd next to me and I was knocked into him once or twice in the pit. This was all in all an amazing lineup and a very memorable show, if you even remotely like any of these bands, go see this tour if it comes near you. - 9/10
Circa Survive

1)Glass Arrows
2)In Fear And Faith
3)Stop The Fuckin' Car
4)Brother Song
5)Birth Of The Economic Hitman
6)Sharp Practice
7)Semi Constructive Criticism
8)Living Together
10)House Of Leaves
11)Your Friends Are Gone
12)The Difference Between Medicine And Poison Is in The Dose
13)Get Out

Minus The Bear

1)Steel And Blood
2)The Fix
3)Secret Country
4)My Time
5)Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse
7)Diamond Lightning
9)Into The Mirror
11)Double Vision Quest
12)Pachuca Sunrise

Now, Now

3)Oh, Hi
4)Lucie Too

Minus The Bear

Circa Survive

Me with Colin (guitar) of Circa Survive
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