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Originally Posted by TheWildAndTheYoung View Post
16.Destroyer - KISS

Year Of Release: 1976

1.Detroit Rock City
2.King Of The Night Time World
3.God Of Thunder
4.Great Expectations
5.Flaming Youth
6.Sweet Pain
7.Shout It Out Loud
9.Do You Love Me?
10.Rock And Roll Party [Ghost Track]

Genre: Classic Rock

I've already said many times how KISS introduced me to rock/metal music.They still to this day remain as one of my favorite bands.Destroyer, though not their best album, is a real close second and is definitely one of the best classic rock albums of all-time.The only thing stopping this from being KISS's best album is the horrid "Great Expectations".All four members (Paul, Gene, Peter, Ace) are at the top of their game on this record, especially Ace.Standouts include the classic album opener "Detroit Rock City", Gene Simmion's signature tune "God Of Thunder", and my personnel favorite, "Shout It Out Loud".

Standout Track:
"Shout It Out Loud"
ummm good sir. Great Expectations fucking rocks.
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