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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
That tag match at One Night Stand was awesome. If you couldn't take how "brutal" it became then there is a bunch of shit the original ECW did that you need to avoid.
Oh I've seen some of those matches back in the late 90s, I have a good amount of old PPV's on VHS. The most notable memory I have of the good old days was Buh Buh Ray yelling at a mother/daughter in the front row saying "I BET YOU TAUGHT YOUR DAUGHTER HOW TO SUCK COCK!!!"

I am quite squeemish now a days, even just seeing a needle makes me cold. It was hard to see them have to cut Terry Funk out of the barbed wire... BUT OH SO AMAZING at the same time.

Got through another match last night on Barely Legal, Shane Douglas vs Pitbull #2, goddamn, that match was boring. Seemed like they were just having an off night. I plan on finishing it tonight. Makes me really miss wrasslin' in the 90s
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