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17.Raised On Radio - Journey

Year Of Release: 1986

1.Girl Can't Help It
2.Positive Touch
4.Be Good To Yourself
5.Once You Love Somebody
6.Happy To Give
7.Raised On Radio
8.I'll Be Alright Without You
9.It Could Have Been You
10.The Eyes Of A Woman
11.Why Can't This Night Go On Forever

Genre: AOR/Arena Rock

Journey are one of my top 10 favorite bands, and Raised On Radio to me is their best album.Now this album, though popular during it's time, is now very under-looked by the band and fans a like.Sure, Ross Valory and Steve Smith aren't on it, but it has such a great 80's AOR feel to it that I love very much.Steve Perry is as good on here as he is on any other record, Neal Schon doesn't go all out shred on this record, but he makes up for it in great guitar tone and melodic riffs.Jonathan Cain is of course amazing on the keyboards and backing vocals, and Randy Jackson and Larrie Londin just take a back seat and do what is needed.Highlights include the highly underrated "It Could Have Been You", the very catchy opener "Girl Can't Help It", and my favorite Journey song, the fan favorite "Be Good To Yourself".

Standout Track:
"Be Good To Yourself"
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