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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
Too bad Saturn is homeless now I think. Last time I heard he was trying to clean himself up.

And man if you think ECW was brutal watch some of the smaller brands (or stuff from Japan) that had the ECW guys. I remember one match that had Terry Funk it in vs three other guys and there were no ropes and the outside was covered in nails,tacks,barbed wired,glass, and a bomb. So when they'd land it'd explode then once the 30 minute mark for the match hit the ring exploded. Shits crazy.
Yea that's the thing. Critics gave ECW crap in the early days but really, building that company around Terry Funk at first was the smartest thing they could have done because he was just naturally that crazy, and doing those types of matches anyway.
I listened to three Babymetal tracks...sounds like Chun Li getting butt-fucked by Andrew W.K. That's not something I ever wanted to hear.
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