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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
Too bad Saturn is homeless now I think. Last time I heard he was trying to clean himself up.

And man if you think ECW was brutal watch some of the smaller brands (or stuff from Japan) that had the ECW guys. I remember one match that had Terry Funk it in vs three other guys and there were no ropes and the outside was covered in nails,tacks,barbed wired,glass, and a bomb. So when they'd land it'd explode then once the 30 minute mark for the match hit the ring exploded. Shits crazy.
Saturn isn't homeless anymore. I read on a few wrestling news sites a couple years ago that he's living in Minnesota and got married. There were even photos that surfaced online that showed him with a woman and proved he was still around. Dude did go MIA for a lot of years. In fact people thought he had died since he never showed up at the funerals of Chris Candido and John Kronus, both of whom he was very good friends with. From what I read, not even family and friends knew where to find him for a number of years.

The main story I read about Saturn before he disappeared was that he saw these two guys assaulting a female one day on the street and he went to go help her and while doing that he got shot in the neck and shoulder area. This was about 10 years ago. I guess the injuries he suffered from that caused him to leave wrestling and get addicted to pills and that's probably why he disappeared for so long. If he was homeless for a good amount of time he may have never even known about Candido and Kronus passing away. It's a sad story but at least it seems he's picked himself back up again. I have no idea if he ever came back to wrestling again at all though.
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