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Originally Posted by John The Drummer View Post
Watched ECW: One Night Stand last night, the one with Cena vs RVD. Damn, good stuff, that crowd was on fire .
The Edge/Foley vs Dreamer/Funk match was FUCKING INTENSE. I couldn't watch a lot of it near the end because of how brutal it was. RVD vs Cena surprised the hell out of me too. That was probably the first Cena match that I actually enjoyed and didn't snooze through.

The DVD also came with a bonus disc that had ECW's first PPV, "Barely Legal" on it. Watched the first three matches of that... WOW. Talk about some true sports entertainment. I don't remember Saturn being so athletic. The RVD vs Lance Storm match was alright, wasn't sure why the crowd was chanting "YOU SOLD OUT" though, and the 6 man Japanese tag team match... HOLY WOW. Sure a couple botched spots, but goddamn.... don't see anything like that in mainstream wrestling these days.
That tag match at One Night Stand was awesome. If you couldn't take how "brutal" it became then there is a bunch of shit the original ECW did that you need to avoid. The reason the crowd was chanting that to RVD at Barely Legal was because RVD's gimmick at the time was that of a cocky heel who was too good for ECW and that the other companies wanted him on monday nights. This is where his "Mr. Monday Night" nickname came from. ECW was usually pretty honest with their fans when it came to stuff like that, so a lot of the fans probably did believe RVD was going to either WWF or WCW soon. Eventually, evenyone realized how awesome he was and he became the most popular guy in the history of the original ECW. The only other guy who was at the same level of popularuty as him was probably Taz during his TV and World title runs. Sandman was pretty close to.

Yeah, Saturn used to be pretty damn athletic. The height he used to get on his top rope elbow drop was crazy. He never really got the chance to showcase those abilities too much in WCW and WWF. Injuries slowed him down at bit to by the time he got to the big leagues.
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