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Damn, Washington sucks... but this should strike up a good debate if anyone on here feels strongly about the situation...

Some dude had his truck warming up, and someone jumped in it and tried to steal it, the guy, a legal gun owner, pulled out his gun and shot through the back window as the thief was speeding off, killing him. There has been a huge debate on the local news stations about whether or not the guy did the right thing.

Turns out the thief has a history of stealing cars as well, and his family was interviewed saying "He was a good kid, just made a few bad decisions. He didn't deserve this at all." One of the news coverages even had the nerve to say "Authorities are still trying to find out what triggered the man to pull out his gun." ... WELL NO SHIT, HIS PROPERTY WAS BEIGN STOLEN.

It really is a tough call, death obviously was a bit much for such a crime, but the kid was still attempting to steal a car, which is a crime.

.... Thoughts?
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