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Watched ECW: One Night Stand last night, the one with Cena vs RVD. Damn, good stuff, that crowd was on fire .
The Edge/Foley vs Dreamer/Funk match was FUCKING INTENSE. I couldn't watch a lot of it near the end because of how brutal it was. RVD vs Cena surprised the hell out of me too. That was probably the first Cena match that I actually enjoyed and didn't snooze through.

The DVD also came with a bonus disc that had ECW's first PPV, "Barely Legal" on it. Watched the first three matches of that... WOW. Talk about some true sports entertainment. I don't remember Saturn being so athletic. The RVD vs Lance Storm match was alright, wasn't sure why the crowd was chanting "YOU SOLD OUT" though, and the 6 man Japanese tag team match... HOLY WOW. Sure a couple botched spots, but goddamn.... don't see anything like that in mainstream wrestling these days.
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