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I've seen Ministry live many times over the last 25 years and didn't see the C U Latour, or whatever it was called. But it seems to me that people were angry at that tour because Al didn't perform the songs THEY wanted to hear, so hence it sucked. For me, seeing Ministry has always been a great experience and having never met Al Jourgensen or his wife I can't comment on their assholeness or lack thereof. But I can speak on Tommy Victor's assholeness having met him many times in the last 25 years or so. Tommy has a HUUUUUGE chip on his shoulder because his band "never made it." In the early 90's we ran into each other on numerous occasions and he was always a dick. My cousin was a huge fan and always made homemade shirts and awesome gifts for those guys, and while Ted and Troy, and later Raven, were always cool and humble, Tommy was always a complete dick. And once yelled at my friend because he was wearing a Helmet shirt and screamed "they stole our whole sound and made it nice and palatable for the masses." So, Al may or may not be a dick but Tommy most certainly is. And I'd take anything he says with a grain of salt.
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