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Originally Posted by Steev View Post
Yeah the solo stuff is usually solid, I'm interested to see what happens since they'll apparently be 2 mixes of this record, I'm 5 tracks in and haven't heard the rerecords yet
I'd say do yourself a favor and don't listen to them, but you're curious, and you will. They are awful. I think some of the songs on FU sound promising (maybe like "Cold" or "Slave") and I'll be interested to hear them outside of the crazy low-fi iTunes previews. But the re-records are just fucking terrible.

My guess, and I think it's a fair guess, is that the label demanded the re-records. It's a low budget outfit and those re-records can draw attention to the album, or be packaged on other compilations later. I'm guessing considering that GT and Co. probably put minimal effort into them. At least, I hope, because that's what it sounds like.
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