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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
Oh no, I definitely haven't! Not yet anyway haha. I might get a promo sometime in May or something, the site I write for has a pretty good relationship with QR's PR folks.

And that's funny, my first real QR impression was Operation: Mindcrime when I was 17 too. I too thought that Geoff sounded badass and I paid basically zero attention to the rest of the band. I never picked up anything else besides the EP for a while, but the Brazil incident last year inspired me to pick up The Warning, Rage for Order and Empire. I thought The Warning was amazing and I would blast En Force whenever I would go driving, and the only thing I could think when I listened to Empire was "what the fuck happened to Geoff?! He sounds like ass now!" For a long time I couldn't even listen to Empire because I loved the way Geoff sounded on the 80s albums so much more.
Okay, wasn't sure!

I can't believe you didn't really venture into QR until after the Brazil thing! That's kind of too bad. I first saw Queensryche live in 2005, and honestly, it was a whole different thing then. Whatever tensions flared in 2012 weren't on display then, and Geoff sounded great. I went into QR live with low expectations (Live Evolution, Art of Live) and came back impressed. (Quick aside, it's incredibly painful to read my writing from when I was still in high school. Fuck.)

I really think 2005 was a great year for QR... I also saw them open for Judas Priest, and heard them play a lot of the stuff they play with Todd now (En Force, QoTR, etc.) I wish you could've experienced that relatively recent QR with Geoff as a point of comparison. I skipped the Cabaret crap, and the D2C tour, so I haven't actually seen QR since 2009, when I thought the live show was still good, but not what it was in 2005.
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