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Originally Posted by Onioner View Post
Thanks dude! About an earlier post you made, can you really not hear Eddie's bass? That's one thing I do like about Jimbo's work on the album, Ed's rumbling all throughout- his tone isn't super articulate, but he's totally there in the mix.

One thing I do have to say though, and I know I'll probably get some shit for this, but I think I actually like Todd's voice more than prime-era Geoff's. I'm also the kinda guy that would take Halford over Dickinson- I just like lower, gruffer mid-range vocals that Halford and Todd have in spades more than the air-raid siren thing that Tate and Bruce do.
Hmm, well, maybe it is a tone issue. I like a really meaty bass presence in the mix, and my first impression of "Redemption" was that the bass was produced like a lot of Queensryche's 80's material... way too low in the mix. But you seem like a verb-based vegetable that knows his thing, so I'll give it another listen. I should caveat and say I've been listening mostly on my studio monitors. I don't think the compression (and there is debate over whether it's mostly due to YouTube or the track itself) is helping it in that respect, so I'll also give it a listen on a regular system.

I haven't really liked the production on a QR album since Promised Land, and that was Jimbo. Slater could bring out the bass (e.g. "Hostage" or a lot of the stuff on American Soldier) but there were so many other aspects of his production that just didn't do it for me. But Jimbo's production here is letting me down too, just for different reasons than Slater's.

My first impression of QR was from Operation: Mindcrime when I was 17. I thought Geoff Tate sounded like a metal castrati with the rest of the band being a second-rate Iron Maiden. My opinion quickly evolved, but I guess my point here is that I can totally see where you're coming from with respect to Geoff's voice and vocal preferences.
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