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Originally Posted by Steev View Post
I thought Degarmo was involved,and you mentioned my 2 favorite songs off it

The touring band should be decent, Kelly and Rudy did Geoff's solo run last year
Good taste

Despite the criticisms on some corners of the Internet, I'd agree that Geoff's QR touring line-up could be pretty good. I saw Dio's band when Sarzo and Wright were in it, and they were a great rhythm section. Gray is an okay guitarist, so hopefully Rudy Sarzo's brother, the other guitarist, is a much better guitarist than Gray. If he is, there's a chance this line-up might be worth something. If he's equal to Gray or less than in terms of playing, I don't think GTQR will be worth that much since QR music, and Operation: Mindcrime in particular, are so guitar driven.

GT's band is also getting some better bookings. The real QR is playing in a Harley Davidson dealership in my town. Literally a motorcycle dealership. That's the only show in my state they're playing. GTQR's on the other hand will be playing the House of Blues here.
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