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Originally Posted by DethMaiden View Post
Oh, cool. It's just a different kind of terrible than they've been for the past decade and a half.
I think I love you.

Q2K, Mindcrime II, American Soldier, and Dedicated to Chaos proved that without Chris DeGarmo, QR's studio material ranges from eh, to meh, to . What this song proves to me is that without Geoff Tate they still don't have Chris DeGarmo and they still have the same issue.

As for this new song specifically: It's generic metal. It's poorly produced. The vocals are way too hot in the mix. Where's EdBass? The Auto-Tune is obvious. The guitar solos are meandering. The lyrics are cheesy and like fonzbear2000's obnoxious user text ("Proud to be a Christian/NObama!") seem to be trying really hard to say something.

As for Geoff's QR... there's no way an album written and recorded in six weeks by the guy that produced the last few QR albums is going to be anything other than mediocre at best.

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