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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post

Sebastian Bach's just posted an explanation of why his voice sounds so good on the ABachalypse Now live CDs. It's because he filled in the bits where he's running around on stage and missing words etc. by recording overdubs in the studio. Fair enough, we all know that's what everyone does with live albums, and I've no real problem with that.
Bands really fill in vocals for live albums? I have never heard of this. I mean, it does make sense for bands to do this. Honestly, I haven't listened to live albums that bands have put out that much in the last few years cause I just prefer the studio version of the songs. If there aren't studio versions, I just listen to bootlegs of the shows that fans recorded at the shows. I know half the time it sounds like complete shit, but occasionally I get that perfect setlist that sounds awesome.
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