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I can't ever recall meeting anyone that was a dick.
Here's a list of the nice ones I've met.

Doug Aldrich. Met him in 2011 in the parking lot of the Webster Theater in Hartford, CT on the 2nd date of Whitesnake's Forevermore tour. Super nice guy.

Gary Cherone. Met him in 2009 at the Regent Theater in Arlington, MA. Him & his brother, Mark, have a Who tribute band called Slip Kid that do a few local shows a year when Gary is free. I delivered 3 cabs to the venue for Mark's guitar rig. Got to talk with Gary about music for a half hour or so. Another wicked nice dude.

Rex Brown & Vinny Appice. Met them last summer at the Rock Junction in West Greenwich, RI at one of Kill Devil Hill's shows. They were just hanging outside the venue before doors opened. Both were awesome.

Mark Tremonti & Wolfgang Van Halen. Same place as Kill Devil Hill a few weeks later. It was actually the first ever Tremonti show. Wolf was called in as a last minute replacement, so I was stoked about that. Both super nice.

Lita Ford. Met her twice. During last summer, she was opening for Def Leppard & Poison. The afternoon before that show, she did a meet n greet at Guitar Center in Boston. There were maybe only 30 people that showed up, so she spent a few minutes talking to each fan. Such a sweetheart. The day after the Def Lep gig, she did a mini-solo set at the Newbury Comics in Norwood. Picked up her solo album & she and her whole band signed it. Mitch Perry, Pat O'Brien, Gary Hoey & Scotty Coogan are in her current band. All really nice people.

Ace Frehley. Met him at the Rock N Shock convention at the DCU Center in Worcester, MA in 2011. This was a couple weeks before his book, No Regrets, was due to be released. Got the book personalized to me & a picture. I was wearing my Ted Nugent shirt and Ace looks up and goes "Hey, that crazy bastard's a friend of mine." Real nice guy. Good to see Ace staying clean.

Sully Erna. I'd heard horror stories about him being a complete douche so I went not expecting much. Him & his solo band were doing a signing at the now defunct Daddy's Junky Music in Dedham, MA. Must've caught him on a good day. One of the nicest guys I've ever met.
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