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Clutch -- San Francisco, CA -- March 27th, 2013

Band was on fire. Again. Sound was very bassy where I was, not enough to ruin the show in any way though. The Regency was also very well packed, which made me happy. The fans were insane for this show. Also...

I GOT SUBTLE HUSTLE BITCHES I stood out of my seat, shouted along with the lyrics and generally made an ass of myself to the people sitting behind me. No fucks were given. I was also super surprised when they played Open Up the Border, now that's a real rarity!

Orange Goblin were great as well, they changed the set up just a bit from the LA show.

1. Red Tide Rising
2. The Filthy & the Few
3. Some You Win, Some You Lose
4. Time Travelling Blues
5. Your World Will Hate This
6. Acid Trial
7. Round Up the Horses
8. They Come Back (Harvest of Skulls)
9. Scorpionica

Clutch killed as I said before. Set was just shy of 90 minutes, including a longass encore break. Three full chants for the band made the rounds before they came back out. Also I honestly have no clue why everyone refers to Electric Worry and One Eye Dollar as a medley. They play both songs in full and segue them the same way they do on Beale Street. Minor random 3 AM rant of the day.

1. Pure Rock Fury
2. Profits of Doom
3. The Mob Goes Wild
4. Earth Rocker
5. D.C. Sound Attack!
6. Escape from the Prison Planet
7. The Regulator
8. Cyborg Bette
9. Crucial Velocity
10. Subtle Hustle (MOTHERFUCKERS )
11. Open Up the Border
12. 50,000 Unstoppable Watts
13. The Face
14. Gone Cold
15. Electric Worry
16. One Eye Dollar
17. Cypress Grove
18. The Wolf Man Kindly Requests...

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