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Enslaved -- London, England -- March 21st, 2013

Venue: Camden Underworld, London, UK
Support: Winterfylleth, Ancient Ascendant

Enslaved Setlist:

The Watcher
Thoughts Like Hammers
Ethica Odini
Roots of the Mountain
Convoys to Nothingness
Allfağr Oğinn
Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin cover)
Drum Solo

Winterfylleth setlist:
A Memorial
The Swart Raven
The Fields of Reckoning
The Ghost Of Heritage
The Threnody Of Triumph
Defending the Realm

Ancient Ascendant setlist:
Blood Calls
Driven By The Dark
Casting The Shroud Aside
Under Ancient Stone
Flash Of The Silver Hammer (Bathory cover)
The Path To Heaven

Photos & review:
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