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Originally Posted by TheWildAndTheYoung View Post
21.Gutter Ballet - Savatage

Year Of Release: 1989

1.Of Rage And War
2.Gutter Ballet
3.Temptation Revelation
4.When The Crowds Are Gone
5.Silk And Steel
6.She's In Love
8.The Unholy
9.Mentally Yours
10.Summer's Rain
11.Thorazine Shuffle

Genre: Symphonic Metal/Progressive Metal

Savatage are one of my all time favorite heavy metal bands, and second favorite progressive metal band.Picking a favorite Savatage record is by no means easy, considering all their releases are extremely good (save for "Fight For The Rock").I know some people will get mad because Streets isn't on this list, but to me Gutter Ballet is the best Savatage album and Streets was a continuation of sorts to this.Jon Oliva (lead vocals, piano), Criss Oliva (guitars), Steve Wacholz(drums), Johnny Middleton (bass), and Chris Caffery (guitars, keyboards) are all at their absolute best on this album.The standouts are the highly underrated "She's In Love", epic title-track, and my all time favorite Savatage song, the ballad "When The Crowds Are Gone" (awesome guitar solo here).A true musical masterpiece.

Standout Track:
"When The Crowds Are Gone"
So many awesome guitar solos and amazing guitar work all around. Summers Rain is vastly underrated as well. Great album! I hope you have Streets in here yet....
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