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Unless you hate ATL in the 1st place, I don't know how this is bad for an Anthrax set.

Out of the 16 songs, 9 of them are ATL. (7 Remaining)
Of course they'd still wanna do stuff off Worship Music (5 Songs Remaining)
They'd want to do atleast 1 off of the covers EP (4 songs remaining)

So, then basically they only have 4 songs left to choose from out of their career. Of course Anthrax play Antisocial (I'm sure pretty much everyone is sick of it by this point, but its a staple, its probably not ever going away) so then 3 songs now.

The fact they are doing March of the S.O.D. is f'n amazing. Not sure how anybody could complain about that, plus its like a 2 min song so its not like thats stealing time from anything better. I think its great they are doing I'm The Man, some are tired of it or some never liked it at all. They haven't done it hardly at all since the '06 reunion so thats another one they never do.

IMO, the only thing I'd complain about is them doing Deathrider, even at that, its not as played out as alot of what they normally play.

I'd flat out kill to be able to see this. Best I've seen them do since the '06 reunion.
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