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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
I'll say it again if I haven't. The one time I met Mick Foley he was a complete dick. He had the attitude of I wasn't important and just wasting his time.
You're not inportant though. The faster you learn that the more likely you are not to bother famous people who have more important things to do

You're only person i've ever heard say anything bad about meeting Foley. Everything else i've ever heard or read has nothing but praise for what a nice guy he is. You probably caught him on a bad day, everybody has them. Keep in mind how hard it must be for celebrities to always act like they're in a great mood to meet fans all the time. I'm guessing that can get quite annoying or tiresome for them every now and then.

Yeah, like Flair said, Foley was mainly a stunt man but it's not like Flair was without flaws when it came to his in ring work. He put on the same match with the same exact spots from the mid 80s until HBK "retired" him. Just like Hogan and The Rock, if it weren't for his great charisma, Flair would never have been shit. He made people look good in the ring but Falir's overall in ring ability is highly overrated.