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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
The Angel and Gambler would be a fine song if it was about 5-6 mins long. There was absolutely no reason for that song to go on as long as it does. I've always liked When Two Worlds Collide and Lightning Strikes Twice a lot and i've always imagined how awesome those would be if Bruce had sung on them. Two very good songs either way.
I can think of three songs in Maiden's discography where cutting them in half would make them twice as good. You wouldn't even have to re-arrange it and edit different parts out, just take an axe and chop them in half. Even with an abrupt ending and without the closing bits they would still be much better because they're just too goddamn long for no reason. Those three would be Angel and the Gambler, The Nomad, and Dream of Mirrors. Dream of Mirrors is the most minor offender of the three though.

And yeah, either of those songs would sound amazing live with Bruce.
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