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Mutilation Rites -- San Francisco, CA -- March 24th, 2013

What an awesome show. Nile was playing literally next door at Slim's and I honestly don't give a shit that I missed them. This show was just way too cool.

First up was Wild Hunt. Progressive/technical/post wierdshit black metal is the best way I can describe them. Very cool set, and the guys in the band are very chill and nice guys. 3/4s of the band also plays for Dimesland, a so called 'psychedelic thrash' band. I think of them as Voivod on steroids. Anyway, both bands are sick and worth checking out. Dimesland will have their debut album out sometime later in the year (I helped track some of the guitars for the record), and Wild Hunt already have a great debut album out already, Before the Plane of Angles. They played parts of songs from the first album and did one new song as well.

1. Enumerate (working title)
2. Plane of Angles (middle section)
3. Eidetic Parallax (middle and end if I remember right)
4. Panorama/Window to the Nether

Next was Embers, an old school black metal group from Oakland. They totally killed, and their singer Kelly was just awesome. There was definitely a Ludicra influence going on here, but more overtly black metally.

1. Eucharist
2. Shadows
3. Dust
4. Forsaken

First of the two touring bands was Inter Arma. They were also very cool. Their singer had no room to move onstage, so he just spent the whole set running around on the floor. He split black metal shrieks and Scott Kelly like yells.

1. Carve My Name in Your Bones (working title)
2. The Survival Fires
3. 'sblood
4. Destroyer

Last was Mutilation Rites, who tore the fucking roof off. Seriously, after hearing way too much atmospheric bullshit black metal, this was such a relief. There were d-beats, Celtic Frosty thrashiness, and plenty of plain badass riffs. Too cool for words.

1. A Season of Grey Rain
2. Realms of Dementia
3. White Death
4. Blood Will Tell
5. Goliath
6. Negative Space
7. Fogwarning
8. Dead Years
9. Ancient Bloodoath

This show basically made me realize how awesome the bay is for metal when I can actually get into the cool shows (I was easily the youngest dude there, which is kind of depressing considering I'm 20 now). The vibe was so laidback and communal, I couldn't have loved it more. Nothing but great music all night, only for $10. Hell yeah.
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