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Good topic!

If there is one album that I've debated over this with people the most, it's "Swansong" by Carcass. I absolutely love that record. It kinda brought me full circle back to the stuff I had thought I grew out of when I got into death metal. It still had Bill Steer's guitar playing and Jeff Walker's voice, but the songs made me want to break out with all my old Maiden and Megadeth tapes. I love this album so much that my old band actually covered "Child's Play."

Also, both Blaze era Maiden records. I do agree with what has been said here about some of the songs being a bit on the long side, but really they have a couple songs like that from just about every era of the band. I think the only thing that kept that line up from being more successful was that Blaze, while a great singer, wasn't better than Bruce.
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