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Of course! I remember lots of great Mick Foley matches, just none of them for the wrestling. It was because he either got thrown off something, thrown through something, fell on something or got hit by something. He seems like a nice guy but he was just a "glorified stuntman". Which was fine for the era he wrestled in. Having one match in his style on a card was great.

I still consider him to be one of the worst WWE champions of all-time. He held that honor all on his own from 1999 up until when Rey Misterio won the title in 2006 (a different title but still the top tier title in the WWE). Since then there's been a bunch.

One match of his I think is totally overrated was the Hell in a Cell with the Undertaker. That matched happened just before I started watching again in 1998 and my friend was telling me it was "the greatest match he'd ever seen". Over the years I saw the footage of him getting thrown off the cage and through the cage but it wasn't until his first DVD came out in 2004 that I got to see the entire match. I was so excited and so letdown! I had no idea that getting thrown off the top of the cage happened within five minutes of the match starting. Then there was a bunch of stalling until he got thrown through the cage, then a bunch of stalling, then the finish. I guess at the time it was probably one of the best matches ever but once you watched it five years later it really sucked.

All that said, I would much rather watch any of his matches over whatever happens on Raw this week.
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