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My list is getting short, since I have been making an effort to see the ones on my list - especially the "older" ones who might not give me many more shots at it!

1. AC/DC

2. Eric Clapton (currently considering forking over the $$$ for the Mohegan Sun show)

UPDATE: Found a not-completely-unreasonable ticket for Clapton, so he's off my bucket list now.
2. Anything with Jimmy Page in it.

3. Joe Satriani

4. Allman Brothers Band

5. Guns 'N' Roses (even the Axl version)
6/17 P Frampton
7/2 KW Shepherd
7/15-17 ChicagoOpenAir
7/19 GNR
7/24 Heart
8/4 Z Wylde

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