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KMFDM -- Falls Church, VA -- March 18th, 2013

Full Review

Late Review, been busy.

Dark, Rainy Monday night, went to see KMFDM. They had 2 openers (CHANT, LEGION WITHIN) that I was underwhelmed with. Combined with some attitude and the rain, this did not make me in a good mood for the show. Thankfully KMFDM solved that when they eventually took the stage.

Chant sounded boring to me, and Legion Within had a potentially good frontman, but their songs IMO were also a bit... more mopey and not energetic.

There was a decent crowd there, about a few hundred people I think. KMFDM sounded pretty great, even if the guitars were kind of muffled/buried in the mix until the last few songs where there were some somewhat extended solos.

Style wise: Sasha was wearing a similar if not the same motorcross/ paintball vest, but Lucia was wearing a nice spiky corset and some sort of PVC shorts. And stockings ;3. The Hatebreed looking guitarist was a little less Hatebreed looking, but the Misfits/ Adam D looking one looked the same. I don't recall how the drummer looked, but he sounded fine.

I think some people were complaining about the amount of new stuff in the setlist, but they ARE pushing a new album. I think they played a good set, and enjoyed the new songs for the most part (especially Kunst). The crowd had a manageable pit for nearly every song, which I do not remember last time I saw them.


KMFDM 10:04 - 11:43
  • D.I.Y.
  • Amnesia
  • Kunst
  • Ave Maria
  • Quake
  • Free Your Hate
  • Son of a Gun
  • Rebels in Kontrol
  • Lynchmob
  • Pussy Riot
  • Krank
  • Animal Out
  • Tohuvabohu
  • Hau Ruck
  • Sucks(partial)
  • I ? Not
  • Anarchy (with William Wilson from Legion Within)
  • Megalomaniac
  • A Drug Against War
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