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Adrenaline Mob -- West Springfield, VA -- March 16th, 2013

Full Reviw

been busy, so this is a late review.

Won a social media Meet + greet (very brief, but still cool) w/ Adrenaline Mob. Found out the bassist from Disturbed is in Adrenaline Mob. Both Russell and Mike Orlando loved my Rainbow shirt.

There were a TON of opening bands, and I was kind of sad that Mike Portnoy or Sir Russell could NOT bring anyone better than Nothing More.

Dark Dissolve- sounded off key except for the violin, which was exquisite. I only saw 1 song

Bachs of Rock- some 10 year old kids playing rock songs. Basically a local School of Rock. They kinda screwed up some solos and other things, but for being that young and getting things mostly right, they were AMAZING. Covered a lot of songs (see full review) including 'A Tout Le Monde.'

Southern Governor- southern rock a la Molly Hatchet meets Black Stone Cherry. I really enjoyed their material

From the Ashes of Her Wake- some kinda female fronted (with some decent vox) gothy sounding. They were alright. Covered 'One.'

Nothing More- newer rock ish, with some potential in their hooks, but something about them was erratic and I couldn't really get into them.

Adrenaline Mob came out and got the crowd the most moving, as I am pretty sure everyone except the 3 people who were going ape during Nothing More's set were moving. I thought Sir Russell Allen and Mike Portnoy sounded great. Mike Orlando (I keep writing Tony) sounded not as good as I was hoping for. He was passable, but not as virtuosic as I was hoping for. The guy from disturbed was fine. Nothing bad, but nothing amazing added. But you need a bass player.

They had a bookface poll for the fans to pick what two songs off of their new EP they would play. This date got KILL THE KING and BARRACUDA. I really wanted to hear Live Wire too, but hey that's how it goes. During undaunted, Russell, Mike O, and Mr Disturbed all jumped up and down in unison, prompting a decent portion of the crowd to follow suit.

A pretty great performance, only marred by the long wait time.

Adrenaline Mob (10:20- 11:40ish)
  • Sopranos theme intro
  • Psychosane
  • Feelin' Me
  • Down to the Floor
  • Angel Sky
  • Indifferent
  • Kill the King (Rainbow cover)
  • Believe Me
  • Hit the Wall
  • All on the Line
  • Come Undone (Duran Duran cover)
  • Undaunted
  • Guitar Solo
  • Barracuda (Heart cover)
  • The Mob Rules (Black Sabbath cover)
  • Godfather Theme outro

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