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When you play the entire Among the Living album at a show that is a heck of a good start to a show.

I could do without the AC/DC cover but they have to promote their new EP so I get it.

For years I'm the Man was an encore and it will be fun for people who have never seen them do that one.

Of course I would love a longer set with more songs but I think this is pretty typical and when you consider most shows are getting Exodus, High on Fire and Municipal Waste, this is still a must see show.

I can't wait for "Imitation of Life". I have been seeing them since '88 or '89 (Can't remember but ironically the Headbangers Ball tour with Exodus) and I don't remember them ever playing Imitation. I always wanted to hear it. Combine that with Among Deep Cuts and I am pretty sure I will be drunk. Oh wait I get drunk at every show

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