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Originally Posted by Spiner202 View Post
Not so much an album as a band, but I like everything Anvil has released. They seem to get a lot of hate these days for no reason, but their entire discography is very solid. Same thing for Dragonforce, except they have one bad album.

I like some of the new Edguy stuff. I'll agree that it's a huge step down, but Rocket Ride is fairly consistent and Age of the Joker has about 5 or 6 really great songs. Exodus' The Atrocity Exhibition Exhibit A is a great album. Even if you don't like Dukes' voice, there are so many great riffs that I'm always shocked nobody likes it. St. Anger really isn't that bad. The songs are good, it's just everything else that is bad: the arrangements, length, drum sound, Hetfield's vocals, and lack of solos. Some of the riffs are great, and the songs are mostly catchy.

I don't know why people don't like Impact Is Imminent, but after BBB, it is by far Exodus' most thrashy record. Not their best, but very good, and the band should play more from it live.

Also, In Search of Sanity is Onslaught's best album.

I didn't know people didn't like this? It's a great album!
O trust me, they don't, if only for the title-track alone.And the people who do like Europe here don't like it either, they only like the first two albums and everything after this one.
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