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Metal Masters Tour - Judas Priest w/ KK, Heaven & Hell, Motorhead and Testament. Nuff said.

Saxon - One of the best shows I have ever seen, and who knows when they'll tour again.

Iron Maiden - Somewhere Back in Time and Maiden England tours, the greatest setlists ever.

Cormorant - got to see a phenomenal set and chat with everyone from the band before Arthur left. I've still got some good times lined up for the summer with Matt, Nick and Brennan though!

Kyuss Lives - The Wiltern show that I saw had both Scott and Nick play bass and the band did a 2 hour+ set. Definitely something I'll brag about for awhile.

Exodus - First time I saw them they played for over 2 hours in the best venue in the bay, Slim's. The third time I saw them they played all of Bonded by Blood and had reunions with Rick Hunolt, Jeff Andrews and Kirk Hammett. Yeah.

Megadeth - They played My Last fucking Words. NO ONE ELSE GOT THAT SHIT BUT US.

Forbidden - I saw one of their last shows before Russ got all sadface and the band went on hiatus.

Sleep - These guys don't exactly tour like dogs, so I consider myself super lucky to have seen them once. It was a holy experience.

Pentagram - Now that Victor Griffin is no longer with them, I feel fortunate as fuck to have seen them with him.
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