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Slayer - I feel very fortunate for seeing all four original members at this show as well. My mom escorted me to the show when I was 13 because she didn't know what went on at metal shows and wanted to know what I was into.

...Let's just say she started letting me go by myself from then on after seeing Slayer.

Iron Maiden - No explanation necessary.

Eyehategod - Mike IX was a huge inspiration to me as a vocalist and as a musician, and I've been a huge fan since I was 13, so meeting him (and seeing him twice + getting his signature tattooed on my arm) was pretty cool, to say the least.

Morbid Angel - David Vincent was the reason why I picked up bass along with the guitar, plus Altars of Madness is probably my favorite death metal record ever. Hearing "Lord of All Fevers and Plague" live sent chills down my spine.

Rammstein - It's the band that got me into rock/metal, plus they brought back years of German I had forgotten. Huge nostalgia factor there.

Skinny Puppy - Before I was into metal, I was into electronic music, and Skinny Puppy was one of my favorite groups, so seeing them live was really cool.

D.R.I. - They got me into harder music and harder pits and away from all the "false bullshit" I was listening to at the time.

Cannibal Corpse - They may be "baby's first metal band" for some people, but for a kid that grew up in a shitty town with no way to access the life in Austin only a few miles away, this was the band to see/listen to if you liked metal - not to imply that that's the only reason why I got into them or anything.

GWAR - Flattus Maximus was still alive, they played in a tiny little club the size of an apartment, and the barrier broke during the second song. Money well spent!

Exhumed - They changed a lot about what I considered metal to be (after the D.R.I. show, of course). Everyone kept telling me about Exhumed, "Oh man, ya gotta check them out!", "Dude, Exhumed is the shit man!", and so on. I decided to give them a shot, but I didn't know what to find on YouTube, so I forgot about it. Around a month later, I remember grabbing one of their records (I want to say either "Slaughtercult" or "Gore Metal"; I've since lost this record) and it blew my fucking mind.

...Man, I miss that record.
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