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Originally Posted by larvtard View Post
If any of you poor saps have the chance to see Iron Lung or Full of Hell, do it. Two of the best bands I've seen in a long time

Also, can someone, a musician perhaps, or even a sound engineer, tell me why sludge/doom is so amazing live? I'm convinced this isn't subjective.
"It's really all about chromatic blues, playing as LOUD as possible on vintage tube amps, the heaviest sickest fuzz, and...pot. But it all comes down to jamming...I mean at its heart, it's not any different from what the jam bands of 60's/70's were doing. There's not really "technical" skill's all about feeling. The "art of the riff" is the biggest thing, like how the song "Black Sabbath" sounded so dark and powerful, but it only used 3 notes. but it's also it has to sound as if the riff is being pulled from slide your power chords slowly over a blues or Arabian scale."

I asked a friend of mine about how to improve my skills as a stoner doom guitarist (we both jam with the same group), and he replied with this. It's more about the genre itself, but I hope it'll answer your question.
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