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Pig Destroyer – Terrifyer (2004)

I put the Natasha EP in my top twenty so it only makes sense that the album it was originally packaged with is one of my favorites as well. I remember when I first got this I was listening to it late at night and after the first five songs I had to restart it…because what I was listening to was so fucking awesome. For an album to blaze by so quickly but still be so captivating is a rarity. But PxDx do it every time. The biggest drawback to this album is I’ve always found the production too trebly. But the fucking riffs on Boy Constrictor, Thumbsucker and Gravedancer! And the last segment of Towering Flesh.
“her lips are wet with venom
her posture's serpentine
she'll touch my arm and flowers grow there poisonous and obscene”

Fuck me.
Favorite Song: Towering Flesh
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