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Hated albums that you enjoy?

There are a lot of albums that seem to be almost universally panned by either the band's fans or metal fans in general. Are there any in particular that you really enjoy despite the hate they get? Here's one of mine that gave me the idea for this topic:

Iron Maiden - No Prayer for The Dying

I think more people would enjoy this one if it wasn't such a large step down in quality from the albums that directly preceded it. Coming after Seventh Son of a Seventh Son is certainly a hard task. Although this album is 'dumbed down' to an extent compared to the grandeur of records like SSOASS and Somewhere in Time, there are some very good rocking tracks to be found here. The title track is a powerful song that, while not reaching the emotional peaks of Infinite Dreams or Hallowed Be Thy Name, does a good job of espousing an 'epic' feel for the first half of the song. Tailgunner sees Bruce hitting some pretty impressive high notes and while it's no Aces High, it's certainly not a bad little opener.

I've always thought Hooks in You and Holy Smoke were both really catchy, really fun songs. I love the lyrics to Fates Warning and Public Enema Number One. I'm convinced the latter could come off really awesome live if Maiden would ever give it another go. Run Silent Run Deep has great lyrics as well and is a song I would think that most Maiden fans would enjoy even if they don't like NPFTD. Bring Your Daughter is certainly different, not the best song but not the worst. The Assassin is ok, if a little bland. I've never really cared for Mother Russia.

Overall, clearly a huge step down from everything post-Killers, but still a good album that I generally enjoy and probably listen to on a more frequent basis than most.

I'll post a few more later on. What are yours?
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