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There are many different ways i can go about this but I will go with the bands that influenced me the most chronologically.

Metallica- The first real band I ever cared about. Back in 6th grade till the time St. Anger came out, they were the only band I listened to.

Dream Theater- The first real band i got into after St. Anger came out. i was recommended Train of Thought by several people who said this would be right up my alley, how little did I know they would change my life.

Opeth- Until I heard Deliverance (oddly enough the same day I heard Dream Theater) I hated every single band that screamed, growled, etc. It wasn't until I played Halo on xbox and had Deliverance pop up on random about 6 months later that I actually gave the album and band a real chance, and I became a fan of screams and growls and ever since. It also taught me that the MUSIC is what matters most. not the image, not the vocals, lyrics, but the actual music being made.

Clutch- Blues and Hard Rock. A match made in Heaven and a killer band through every album. Even the shittiest Clutch song beats the living fuck out of 98% of all music out there. One of the best bands the world will ever know.

Evergrey- The band that made me appreciate vocals and lyrics again. recreation Day is one of the most important albums in my life and it all had to do with the pure emotion behind the album. One of the most underrated bands to ever exist.

King's X- The MOST underrated band on the planet. The greatest musical trio to ever exist and barely anyone knows them, or they go "yeah I think I heard of them, they are alright, i guess" that is a fucking shame. Words don't do these guys justice just listen for yourself.

Dredg- My favorite non metal band in the world. They have written 5 classic albums so far and every album is a huge departure from the last. A band that can write what they love and not be pretentious.

Between The Buried And Me- Carrying on in the nothing is impossible side of making music. The album Colors taught me that you can write one 64 minute long song and make it one of the most interesting 64 minute journeys you can experience. Make any kind of music you want, and make it gel with any other style of music you want, it can work, and you don't know till you try. BTBAM has only gotten better and better over the years. I don't care what anyone says.

Devin Townsend- My hero. 'Nuff Said!

Alcest- The band that got me into one of my favorite genres, Blackgaze (Post Black Metal, Atmospheric Black metal, whatever you want to call it). I Love this sound so much. Alcest perfected it and bands that are beginning to follow are only making it better, if that was even possible. Neige is a real true hero of mine. He can create the most beautiful metal.
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