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26.Keep The Faith - Bon Jovi

Year Of Release: 1992

1.I Believe
2.Keep The Faith
3.I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
4.In These Arms
5.Bed Of Roses
6.If I Was Your Mother
7.Dry County
8.Woman In Love
10.I Want You
11.Blame It On The Love Of Rock & Roll
12.Little Bit Of Soul

Genre: Hard Rock

On Keep The Faith, Bon Jovi prove that their not just a hair band, they are a band that knows how to change with the times and still stay on top."Woman In Love" is the only song that has any hint of glam in it.Richie Sambora shows some outstanding guitar playing (see Dry County), with Alec John Such providing groovy bass lines (see title track), David Bryan cutting off most of the synthesizers and bringing in classic piano skills (see "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead"), Tico Torres pounding hard on the drums (see "Blame It On The Love Of Rock & Roll"), and Jon Bon Jovi provides stellar vocals and really delivers on this album.Highlights include the arena-ready opener "I Believe", the extremely underrated "Blame It On The Love Of Rock & Roll", and the best song, the almost ten-minute epic "Dry County".

Standout Track:
"Dry County"
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