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1. Stevie Ray Vaughan (3x) - once in a shitty little club when nobody knew who he was, then is a small theater, and on his last tour - with Jeff Beck). All amazing.

2. Metallica (3x) Including The Big 4 show at Yankee Stadium in NYC.

3. Aerosmith (5x), but mostly happy I got to see them in their prime in '77/'78 before they a) got completely fucked up and b) went soft.

4. KISS - (6x) again, in their prime in '77 with the 4 original members. Also taking my kids to their first show to see them from the 10th row was something they (and I) will never forget!

5. Roger Waters doing The Wall. Jaw-dropping performance. The most $$$ I ever paid for a show and worth every penny.

6. Rammstein (3x) - always amazing and worth the money.

7. Joe Perry Project in a small venue after the Aerosmith "Train Wreck 2010" tour fell apart.

8. Foo Fighters - great show, but took my daughter for her 18th birthday and she loves them, so that was a great night for me!

9. Motorhead from the rail at the House of Blues in Las Vegas

10. Ace Frehley from the rail in a small venue. Loudest show I've ever been to.
6/17 P Frampton
7/2 KW Shepherd
7/15-17 ChicagoOpenAir
7/19 GNR
7/24 Heart
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