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Ministry -- Toronto, Ontario -- May 4th, 2008

Support: Meshuggah, Hemlock
Date: May 4th, 2008
Venue: the Warehouse in Toronto, Ontario

This was one of the best shows I’ve seen in my life and one of the worst shows I’ve seen in my life. To get started, my brother bailed on me the night of the show so I ended up taking my wife…who at this point in her life had only ever seen the Backstreet Boys three times, Bon Jovi once and a bunch of boy bands back in the late-1980’s. She’d never heard of any of the bands playing and she doesn’t really like metal. Let’s get Hemlock out of the way because they were just there. Their singer was pretty funny. My wife liked it when the guitar player “sang” but she was already hating her life.

Then came Meshuggah. I’d seen them in 1999 opening for Slayer when they were still a relatively unknown, underground band. But by this time things had changed. This was singly handedly one of the best performances I’d ever seen in my life. From the rumbling feedback that started their set into Perpetual Black Second, the lighting only coming from behind the band, the way the band slowly lurched, head-banged and moved on-stage; it was all so hypnotic. It was heavy as hell. The only bad thing was how they sort of “djented” up Future Breed Machine to fit with their newer playing style. I wish I had the setlist but I know they played Perpetual Black Second, Electric Red, Bleed, Pravus, Rational Gaze and Future Breed Machine. They played a couple more, I know but I can’t remember. My wife didn’t like their music but she agreed that they put on a cool show.

I have been listening to Ministry for so long and this was the first time I’d ever seen them and I was so excited. And afterwards I was so disappointed. This was C U Latour, which you’ve all heard about. I knew they’d open with Let’s Go, and wasn’t surprised when they played the Dick Song and Watch Yourself. But after five songs I was really wondering why they hadn’t played any material from any other album than the Last Sucker. They played No W, so I thought “good, they’re digging into their back catalog”. Then they played four straight songs off that album and I was like, “what the fuck is going on”. I liked all the songs they played but I was getting really confused. Then after they played three straight songs from Rio Grande Blood I caught on to what they were doing. I knew Khyber Pass was what they were ending their main-set with and I knew they weren't going to be going backwards through their whole catalog (that would take five hours). The lighting, loud music and really late start time was really getting to my wife (Ministry got on stage at 11pm and we both had to work the next day) and she was hating every second of it. I wasn’t too impressed either so I said, “let’s get out of here”. I was so pissed. When I got to the show I wanted to hear songs like the Fall, Psalm 69, Animositisomnia and Stigmata. But ¾ of the way through their set I just wanted to hear anything from any of their albums other than the last three. Especially if this was their farewell tour (which it was supposed to be). They did an encore of stuff people wanted to hear and I think Burton C. Bell came out and sang during it. But I wasn’t the only person who left any show from that tour completely pissed off. Their stage setup and lighting was awesome, and Meshuggah were so good. It ended so bad.

Fuck you Ministry.

1. Let's Go 

2. The Dick Song 

3. Watch Yourself 

4. Life Is Good 

5. The Last Sucker 

6. No W 

7. Waiting 

8. Worthless 

9. Wrong 

10. Rio Grande Blood 

11. Señor Peligro 

12. LiesLiesLies 

13. Khyber Pass 

14. So What 

15. N.W.O. 

16. Just One Fix 

17. Thieves 

encore 2:
18. Roadhouse Blues 
(The Doors cover)
19. Just Got Paid 
(ZZ Top cover)
20. Under My Thumb 
(The Rolling Stones cover)
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