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28.Rocks - Aerosmith

Year Of Release: 1976

1.Back In The Saddle
2.Last Child
3.Rats In The Cellar
5.Sick As A Dog
6.Nobody's Fault
7.Get The Lead Out
8.Lick And A Promise
9.Home Tonight

Genre: Blues Rock/Heavy Metal

As I've said before Aerosmith were once my favorite band, and though I'm not as into them as I used to be, I still very much enjoy them and this album, witch is my favorite Aerosmith record.This was really one of the first heavy metal albums out there, and as such deserves it's place as one of the best heavy metal records of all time.This album also has really inspired my guitar playing.Joe Perry and Brad Whitford are just incredible on this album, especially on "Get The Lead Out" and "Last Child".Tom Hamilton, Joey Kramer, and Steven Tyler are all at their best on this record as well.Highlights include the heaviest song Aerosmith has ever done "Nobody's Fault", the underrated "Sick As A Dog", and as always my favorite "Last Child".

Standout Track:
"Last Child"
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