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Dream Whitesnake Setlist For Upcoming Tour

I really hope this tour comes to Atlanta, and even more so if Journey ends up co-headlining.I will post one for just Whitesnake and one for Whitesnake and Journey.

Just Whitesnake

1.Slip Of The Tongue (seriously guys, bring this one back!)
2.Bad Boys
3.Ready An' Willing
4.Slide It In
5.Best Years
6.Young Blood
7.The Deeper The Love
8.Steel Your Heart Away
9.Crying In The Rain
10.Slow An' Easy
11.Don't Break My Heart Again
12.Give Me All Your Love
13.Now You're Gone
14.Love Ain't No Stranger
15.Here I Go Again
16.Fool For Your Lovin'
17.Long Way From Home
18.Is This Love
19.Still Of The Night
We Wish You Well

Now one for Whitesnake and Journey.I have no clue who is going to open or close the show, but I am going to assume Journey is going to open.

1.Only The Young
2.Never Walk Away
3.Wheel In The Sky
4.Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)
5.Who's Crying Now
7.Stone In Love
8.Don't Stop Believin'
9.Girl Can't Help It
11.Any Way You Want It
12.Open Arms
13.Be Good To Yourself
14.Lovin'; Touchin'; Squeezin'

1.Slip Of The Tongue
2.Bad Boys
3.Ready An' Willing
4.Slide It In
5.The Deeper The Love
6.Steel Your Heart Away
7.Crying In The Rain
8.Don't Break My Heart Again
9.Give Me All Your Love
10.Now You're Gone
11.Love Ain't No Stranger
12.Here I Go Again
13.Fool For Your Loving
14.Still Of The Night
15.Is This Love
We Wish You Well
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