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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Well, if you go to they still have people set on the RAW or SD brands. Get this, both Barrett and Cesaro are SD guys and they hold the two single mid card titles. How the fuck does that make sense? The only fulltime guys who don't show up on SD regularly anymore are Cena and Punk. Nobody else on the roster is a big enough star to be exclusive to RAW except those two.
We all knew it was going to end some day. It's too bad they let it fizzle out because they could've had a huge PPV as the end of the brand extension. Had a bunch of title unification matches and top star of brands face off. The brand extension was great from the beginning but really started dying around 2005. When Cena came to Raw, when Eddie died and I think Batista got hurt and ended up missing a ton of time.
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